Recent Press

Daisy Fromkin, “Ten: Modern Abstract Comes at the Monorchid Gallery,” AZ Culture, November 15, 2015.

Deborah Ross, “Ten: Modern Abstract,” Visual Art Source, November 14, 2015.

Nicole Royse, “Top 5 First Friday Exhibitions to See this November,” Arizona Foothills Magazine, November 5, 2015.

Lynn Trimble, “11 Free Art Shows in Phoenix on First Friday, November 6,” Phoenix New Times, November 5, 2015.

Photography by Warren Chu

Photography by Warren Chu

Plans - First Prototypes

Here are the first prototypes for my new series Plans. I think I have the software worked out, now it's a matter of finalizing the assembly process.

Stacks - Prints

Getting prints ready for my upcoming exhibition Ten: Modern Abstract. Opens 11/6 at the Monorchid.

Stacks - First Prototypes

These are the first prototypes for my new series Stacks. I'm still finalizing some of the parameters, but I'm happy with the initial direction on these. I also need to work out the thickness of the borders for when these are printed at scale.

Foundations of Design - Chinese Translation

Whoa, I just received a Chinese translation of Foundations of Design. Here are a few sample pages.

The cover art was completely rebuilt. The arrangement of rectangles is slightly different and obviously in blues rather than grays and blacks. There's also some transparency going on. I might steal some of these ideas for my next series.

The title is slightly off, Foundation of Design rather than Foundations of Design. And the diagram labels were redone in Chinese as well. Pretty crazy stuff!

Albers Machine - Initial Prototypes

I think I have the software dialed in. These are the first prototypes for Albers Machine 1--algorithmically generated Homage to the Square variations.